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Thread: 2002 mille fuel tank leak

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    2002 mille fuel tank leak

    hi, i have had a fuel leak at the base of the fuel tank, where the fuel pump flange joins to the tank. It started all of a sudden with no warning while doing a trackday. I removed the tank and checked the seal and tank for cracks etc all seemed ok so i used some loctite flange sealant on the seal and refitted all seems ok but not sure if this will be a permanant repair, have any of you guys had the same problem and if so does re sealing normaly work cause ive seen on prevoius threads about tanks warping etc. mine is the 2002 with the plastic tank, thanks

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    warping would be a factor

    Doubles gasket i think i read as best solution

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    hi thanks for your reply, not quite with you when you say

    "Doubles gasket i think i read as best solution"

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    had the same issue with my 01 tank. solved the problem with some
    GRanVille Blue Gasket Sealant.
    Applied the GS around the rubber gasket on the pump and left for ten minutes then re-fitted.

    So far its holding up with no leaks .

    The problem I found was finding an instant gasket that was resistant to fuels which this ones was.

    If you struggle to get sme, then pm me and ill post my tube to you buddy

    Hope this helps

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