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Thread: 2002 Mille Gearbox/clutch problem - Help!

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    2002 Mille Gearbox/clutch problem - Help!

    Hi folks.

    I have said hello in the noob section so hi to everyone as i've just bought a mille.............. and its now broken!

    Can you help?

    Was fine when i bought it but now it wont go into 1st or neutral but sits in
    2nd, although it will change up the box?? Also when i change up the neutral light stays on all the way through the gearbox?? Also tries to creep forward when starting sometimes (although this could be because its in 2nd?)

    I was also told that my headlight was dimming to nearly going off on the way back from a rideout but starts fine??

    Sorry to hit you all at once - wonder if i should have stayed Jap but i love the bike!!

    Thanks in advance

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    bleed the clutch for might find it will cure your the jet 40 mod...if the clutch stasrts dragging again..change the seal in the slave cylider...about 8 quid and half hours work..

    neutral light idea

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    I will try all of the above thanks!

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    Sounds like your battery needs charging/replacing or the charging system has a fault. When the voltage drops in the battery these bikes start doing all kind of strange things, hence your neutral light on with it in gear.

    Check that your actually getting 13.8V or more at the battery, try not to use the on dash display as it may be inaccurate if you do actually have a charging system issue.

    Look at post 36 added by me on this thread for documents to help you. Click Me

    If you get stuck just ask and if I'm around I'll help you.

    I have an interactive wiring diagram for the 98 - 03 RSV's but the forum won't let me add it to the posts cause it's 4.25MB and the limit for attachments is 4MB. Send me your email address via PM and I'll send it across for you.

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