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Thread: newbie and question on 2004 RSVR Mille

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    Question newbie and question on 2004 RSVR Mille

    Hi, been a keen motorcyclist for 20+ years but until now never had an aprilia but took my new (well new to me) RSVR out today for the first time. The bike replaced my ducati and rides well, has fantastic handling and does not give any indication of any faults whatsoever, in all a very very clean bike with only 3900 miles on the clock. Prior to leaving dealer bike was given once over with new fluids.
    My questions is that when riding and then decelerating, i.e. approaching a junction, there appears to be a noise, almost a knocking noise that isn't noticeable if bike is stationary and then revved. Is this normal? As I said the bike is mint and has only covered 3900 miles and in every aspect runs well. Any feedback greatly appreciated.

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    Have you no idea where it is from, engine, brakes etc.

    If it happens when you just knock off the power it could be the head bearings that need tightened or replaced, try and give some more info on the symptoms, and welcome to the site.

    Why don't you put up a post to introduce yourself

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    Are you sure it's not an 'over-run' sound from the pipes? I got this on my '03 bike even on standard pipes as the ECU map was on map 2 for sports pipes...still got it with Akras...probably a basic fueling problem my local V-Twin specialist will sort out easily ( but not necessarily cheaply!)

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    Welcome markv ... hope you get it sorted out soon. Get it checked out though , i had similar noises but the dealer fixed it all thank god

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    Not a bloody clue mate but welcome to the forum

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    Welcome MarkV. One thought that occurs to me is the pneumatic slipper clutch, not from that area is it?

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