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Thread: Rsv mille r 2002

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    Rsv mille r 2002

    Looking for some advice .
    My 2002 RSV has been garaged on a trickle charge for past 3 months.
    Its my first bike and I recently put in a new battery.
    I tried to start it last week and it struggled.
    I took it out for a couple of hours and when I tried to start it again 2 days later it wouldnt go.
    I put it back on a trickle charge but it still wont fire up.
    It turns over but wont catch.
    The bike is standard but has an alarm/immobiliser fitted.
    Any advice would be welcome.

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    Hi mate

    I have just purchased an o2 Mille and one thing I have learned is the battery has too be in tip top condition.Do you keep it on an Optimate? If the battery is not fully charged you can forget it.

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    If you keep trying to start it with a not to good battery,it sshag the sprag clutch & then your talking hundreds to get that repaired

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