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Thread: 2002 mille must do's

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    2002 mille must do's

    Ok can anyone give a simple and difinitive guide to the airbox derestiction and wether to cut the wire for the second map etc . You know what its like after reading x amount of posts about any given subject . Photo's would be a great help when doing the airbox .
    thanks in advance. Do I need to cut the wire on a 2002 mille ?

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    QUOTE=floakey;159274] Do I need to cut the wire on a 2002 mille ?[/QUOTE]

    To derestrict , you need to clip a logic wire on the ECU, and remove a restricting plate in the airbox. . , To get at the ECU wire, remove the passenger saddle (or cover) and the driver's saddle. In the space between the two saddle openings (in front of the toolkit area and behind the battery), a rubber covered box will be visible. Lift the four rubber tabs on the box and pull the flexible cover out the passenger area. The metal shielded ECU box will now be visible, with two connectors in the front. The wire that was clipped on mine was blue, with a green stripe, on the smaller connector closest to the shift lever. There are several blue and green wires. On my bike, the wire enters the connector on the lower row, leftmost of all the other wires when facing the ECU. After you clip the wire, tape or shrink wrap the ends so that it cannot ground to the frame.


    To remove the airbox restrictor, you'll need to lift the tank. I give a description of this elsewhere, but it's pretty self-explanatory. Open the airbox, remove the air filter and underneath you'll see a circular plastic bung with a small, one-inch opening. Retaining this bung is a screw from underneath, so you'll need to remove the airbox lower from the inlet air dict by loosening the big hose clamp. See my airbox page for some hints.

    Exhaust baffle removal
    Remove the one spring holding the mid-pipe to the collector, just behind your right foot (as if you are seated on the bike). Remove the single exhaust canister bolt holding it to the rear sub-frame bracket (passenger peg). The baffle is located in the mid-pipe of the canister section. Look in the end, and just a few millimeters down you'll see some spot welds. Grind them down with whatever you can. A drill and a grinding stone will work just fine. Grab the baffle with a set of pliers or something similar. We actually use a spring hook puller. Using force, pull the baffle out of the mid-pipe. It takes force, and requires that the welds are broken. You can use a screwdriver to help you out with breaking the welds. Again, it takes FORCE and determination............

    also you can change the inlet boot thingy for an earlier model as its lets restrictive

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    Is this the same for the 2003 model

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    yep all the same 98-03 bikes are more or less the same underneath same applies to falco's

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