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Thread: Mille 2007 with Akra Cans - Cut out issue

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    Mille 2007 with Akra Cans - Cut out issue

    Hi All

    Recently returned to being a Mille rider

    Its a low mileage 2007 R with twin Akra cans, the problem I am having is occasionally pulling away is that it's cutting out. Its happens when cold or warm no real consistency its almost like it catches it off cam and stalls when you go to pull away.

    More annoying is when you coast to a roundabout or through slow traffic with the clutch in and then release to pull away again, could it be a fuelling issue?

    It idles fine both cold and hot, could it be due to the cans and a mapping issue?

    Don't really want to put the standard ones back on to test the theory.

    Thanks Justin

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    was it switched to variant 2 on the maps when the akra's were fitted ?
    If it wasn't your ecu will frantically be trying to lean your fueling thinking you have cats in the exhaust when you haven't.

    Failing that spit map sensor vac pipes or Throttle body setup issue. (needs co setup)

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    Thanks Spoonz

    Not sure as the cans were on it when I bought it, guess it needs to go to a dealer? Or can a generic power commander centre help?

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