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Thread: RSV millie 1999 Rear shock

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    RSV millie 1999 Rear shock

    Hi my rear shock on my rsv millie 1999 modle has broken leaked out oil. need to replace it would like a compleate rear shock absorber
    I am asking
    1] if any one knows is it interchangeable with an other model or bike?[ can i use e.g an r6 one or ohlins equivelent]
    2]any one got one to sell?
    3]any one know a cheap shock rebuilder iv been quoted 150?

    many thanks for help and replys

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    I've got an Ohlins shock from a 2000 RSV-R for sale - 250 including delivery to mainland UK via 24 hour courier.

    PM me if you're interested


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    you can repair it yourself for dirt cheap. don't know the prices in the uk but i've done it in romania for literally 20 pounds...

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