Dear all,

I had a slight water leak from the water pump weep hole and was preparing myself for forking out the 300 odd quid to have it fixed.

However I thought I'd try a flush out and coolant change first first. I got some Halfords Advanced OAT coolant and a bottle of Holts rad flush, dumped the existing coolant, used some of the rad flush, followed the instructions and then dumped that and then kept pouring tap water through from the filler neck with one of the drain screws out in turn until clear water came out of each and then re-filled with new coolant.

When running the bike with the rad flush and tap water it was weeping about a drop each second (i.e., more than it had been), but now it seems to have completely stopped!!

I'll be riding it without the fairings to keep an eye on it for a while, but I'm hoping it is cured, or am i speaking too soon?