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Thread: HM Quickshifter

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    HM Quickshifter

    I am trying to fit a HM Quikshifter to my RSV and need info on the side stand wiring. This is where I have been told to connect it to so it cuts out the coils.
    Has anyone fitted a quikshifter to their bike, if so what did you connect it to?
    Anyone know what the 3 wires connect to on the sidestand switch?
    Thanks Pete

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    OK Cant use sidestand as the quickshifter has to go inline on a power circuit and this circuit is closed with no power running through it. The quickshifter cuts power to the coils. Anyone tell me how the coils are wired or anywhere else power is cut to the coils?.
    Can I isolate the coil circuit without effecting the rest of the system? The shifter needs to go inline in the coil circuit

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