Ok so Tues this week took bike Year 2000 model (V990 engine) to Aprilia Performance in Tamworth to get my 57mm throttle bodies finished off. NB the bike also has:-

Hooked Air box
Modded collector (redratbikes specials)
Gabro F255 Chip
Early Power commander (serial version, not suitable for individual cylinder mapping) Need USB one for that.
Aprilia Titanium Race can

Pre mapping run engine was producing 116.63 at the rear wheel after mapping got 121.17 so very happy with the result and power curve. Looking forward to see how this translates to the track very soon.

I can really recommend the Aprilia Performance gang, Griff and co very friendly and happy to watch the work in progress at any stage. You may have seen this already on FB but up here for those of you who don't go there.

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