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    Help and advice

    Hi again folks, right ill get straight to it, according to the general procedure for checking oil level you should go for a quick run, and quickly check within 2 mins the tube to see what oil level registers...

    Well i went for a run today of about 20 miles, got home, and checked the oil level (admittedly after 30 odd minutes) and the level was sitting at just below the max line, now is there a set time for checking the oil? Does this seem correct or should the level in the tube drop after sitting for that 30 min period?.......does engine temp have an effect on the oil level staying in the tube longer than normal as she was quite warm after getting home....

    Having a case of bike paranoia lol.......just trying to get to know the bike, also does anyone with a twin exhaust find that one pipe runs at a cooler temp than the other? As in one pipe blows warm and the other blows allot cooler almost cold........

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    Yep check about ten secs after turning it off, you can get it up to temp just letting it idle, let the fans cut in and out a couple of times that will be hot enough to check oil level.

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