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Thread: will trading my r6 for a aprilia rev 1000 be a good idea

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    will trading my r6 for a aprilia rev 1000 be a good idea

    i have a 2006 r6 but have been wanting an aprilia i got this bike because its my second pick and there were no aprilias at the time of course as soon as I'm don buying one this one pops up 2003 Aprilia RSV Mille 1000R
    i payed 5200 for my r6 about a month ago it has 9000 miles now i bought it with 8400 are this any good reliable to i need it to go to and from work hot or cold rain or snow i know the yamaha is reliable i had one with 40,000 miles before this one how are aprilia this one has 22k vs my 9 k would you trade it what kind of problems do Aprilias have i have heard electrical but what exactly messes up

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    The best gen 1 black frame and swinger with the radial brakes nice bike

    They are reliable I have only had mine let me down once in 8 years ownership and that was the solenoid connections had come loose.easy 10 minute fix

    Try and get af1 to throw in a race can at least

    There are certain things people do like cutting out the brown connector and rectifier wiring mod so they don't break down with those a battery optimiser to keep the battery in tiptop condition otherwise if you try and start on a flat battery you'll end up shagging the starter sprag clutch.
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    But yes!

    Having owned/ridden both you won't look back!

    Everyone says "oh Italian bikes are really unreliable" most of the time they've never owned one!

    Go for it

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    Hmm 16,000 rpm r6

    Big grunty Mille

    Well , both have their places , one of each for me , but as you muricans say ,no substitute for cubes

    No replacement for displacement



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