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Thread: tick over adjustment

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    tick over adjustment

    hi all, i have a 1999 mille and the tick over needs adjustment (raising) I've tried turning the adjustment knob on the right hand side but it wont turn, it feels like I'm trying to turn it against a spring and returns back to the same position without any change to the idle speed, what am i doing wrong

    thanks in advance

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    Tank off and have a look sometimes it comes out of the the threaded bit and is actually doing nothing

    Hold up you asked about tickover ages ago!!!!! Ha ha
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    thanks for the advice red, your right and embarrassingly I've still done nothing about it , but I'm going to get stuck in over the next few days there's a few jobs that need sorting, to be honest the bikes very reliable normally so stupidly I've just ignored it and rode it. Even after all these years of owning it (plus a few others along side it) i still find her breath taking to ride, and it never fails to make me smile. I think later this year its a new clutch job as I'm getin tired of the original set up, thanks again

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