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Thread: New to and RSV's!

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    New to and RSV's!

    Hello all

    I've just stepped out of my comfort zone and bought a 2002 RSV, first registered in Jul 02 997cc. I've had a 98 Blade before so I'm not a complete novice, but this is a different beast.

    I'm keen to do some fettling (northern for trying to fix, breaking and having a professional do it) but just want to sound some things out and wondered if any of you could give me any tips.

    1) The previous owner has in the past put 3 different type of dreadful 'mini' indicators in fake carbon fibre look and chrome effect. I don't trust that others can see when i'm turning so want to revert to standard size that are visible. I refuse to pay 15 per indicator for original ones but i just need clarification that if i get some off ebay such as these 321239806850, they'll work and not blow up the rest of the electrics!

    2) I'm a great believer in changing the Oil and filter every year but nearly fell over when i saw how much 15w/50 costs. After reading the haynes manual, i understand why it's so, but I can't afford to get it wrong buying cheap tat. I've found this on ebay - 170884403956 (i love ebay), it's a bonus it comes with a filter as I've seen lots of things on forums about long or short filters and getting the wrong one etc. If i get the wrong one, not only have i lost money, but i have to wait to order the correct one. Can anyone tell me definitively which it is i need without me taking the current one out!

    3) I was a bit naive when i bought this as i didn't really research the model. My decals don't really match what other people have on theirs. They look good, but I do like to have a standard looking bike with original look. I think it must have been dropped, panels resprayed and any ol decals put on. It's the black variant but has gold wheels not silver so obviously he felt creative at some point. Does anyone know a firm that could reproduce decals for my model? The rest are looking a bit faded so would probably do a full this practical?

    4) I'm losing pressure on my front wheel, only slightly, maybe 5-10psi per week but it's bugging me. Anyone else had this? There are no obvious punctures, i've heard wheels can have hairline cracks in the metal and lose pressure this way? It's a bit big to hold in a bowl of water and look for bubbles, is there any other way to check?

    I know it's a long set of q's but these things have been playing on my mind and i find forums are a great way of hearing how other people sort out similar problems. Usually when people are telling you what to do or buy, it's because they are selling!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Welcome to the fold.

    Loads of questions there!

    Here's your first answer.

    Your leaky front tyre, I'd put money on it that it's either the valve, or the tyre isn't air tight on the wheel rim.
    Get an old plastic spray bottle (the type that holds kitchen or bsthroom cleaner?) Rinse it out, and fill with clean water, and add a good dollop of fairy liquid.
    Spray it around the rim and valve and go and make yourself a cuppa.
    When you get back you'll see where the leak is.

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    Hi Andy welcome to the forum . Loads of nice people here always ready to help . For the past 2 years I've been using motul semi-synthetic oil 25 pound from eBay and never had any problems . I've got standard 2002 rsv and oil filter I've been using is this one from eBay 331155743930

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    Thanks for your help and it's only been an hour! Yes it was a lot to get off my chest, but once i got started i kept remembering other things!

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    Hi Andy

    Thats what forums are for !!.

    As for oil you can use 10w/40 as we dont get to the same high ambient temperatures other countries do , I use Motul 10w/40 semi synth and change oil every 2500 miles (my preference as I do high miles).

    When changing oil there are 3 places to drain it from and an in tank filter to check, also you need to be aware how to check the oil level.

    Image Works can sort your decals out , how about posting up some pic's so we can all see the "beastie" ?

    Those indicators should be okay it depends on how bodged the connectors are , you might have to get busy with a soldering iron.

    Depending on where you are in the UK you can always visit the boys at Aprilia Performance and sometimes if enough interest in your area they can come to you.

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