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Thread: Trye Life

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    Trye Life

    Excuse me if this has been covered a million times but I'm wanting to pick folks brains on tyre life.
    Currently have mitchelin pilot road 2's fitted, while I'm happy with the grip and feel (Never had a moment on them) for the quick road riding I do
    I'm not really happy with the mileage I got for the last rear. Just over 2k miles. I was expecting more as the trye is not a super soft track trye tyre.
    I was getting obout 3.5 to 4k out of the same tyres on my 1050 speed triple.
    I know that v twins are meant to give rear tyres a harder time but this much?

    What sort of life are folks getting out of thier tryes and what makes etc.
    I'm thinking of trying the new Metzeler sportec m7 rr next as new geteration tryes are surpose to last longer.


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    What about michelin road pilot 3 i'll be putting them on my mille

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    I normally get around 1800 miles from the rear & it's spanked, also by that time the front is getting low & the tread is starting to pick up. This is on the last two sets of tyres I've had BSPs & Pirelli rosso II
    Fitted Pirelli Angel GTs this time & well impressed with the grip for a GT tyre & they are supposed to last up to 9K so I expect maybe I'll get 5K out of them hopefully

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    I run the Battlax T30 sports touring tires. Managed about 5000 miles out of rear including a trip to the TT brilliant grip wet and dry fully recommend then.

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    I get around 3.5k out of my metzler m5s unless I do a trackday or two then much less. I wanted the m7rr this time round but they hadn't been released in time would be interested how they fair if you get a set.

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