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Thread: Length & Gauge of Starter Solenoid to Starter Motor Cable...

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    Length & Gauge of Starter Solenoid to Starter Motor Cable...

    Hi all,

    Just looking to see if anyone knows the length and gauge of the cable from the starter solenoid to starter motor. I've done the wiring mod to ease starting problems (it worked a treat!) but now I'm cooking the solenoid-motor cable every time I start up. I don't want to keep abusing it as I'm already getting plumes of smoke from melting rubber each time I hit the starter and I know it won't last much longer, so would like to replace the cable. A quick inspection shows the wire is pretty shot and the rubber casing is literally dripping away!

    Helpfully Ape don't sell the cable on it's have to buy the solenoid as well, and I'm not too keen to spend 100 when it's only going to be a 10 piece of wire. I'd just like to know what to order before pulling my daily commuter apart!

    Thoughts/suggestions please folks!



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    Go to an autoelectrical supplier and get a lead made up . . .

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