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Thread: Rev counter problems

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    Rev counter problems

    Hi all,

    Finished rebulding my 02 RSV mille everything ok until i put a new bettery on. As i connect the terminals the needle on the rev counter starts ticking and moves around the dash in an anti clockwise motion.
    When the needle stops jumping it was sat in between the max rev number and the neutral light (i.e. not in the place i would expect to see it) Problem is when thebike starts the rev counter seems to work but it has limited travel and shows the incorrect rev reading.

    Is this a known fault/relay issue?

    As i took the battery off then reconnected it after removal, the same thing happened again. The rev counter start to tic, then slowly move anti clockwise. Its now sitting at 5 thousand when the bike is ticking over (as indicated on the dash) engine actually ticking over approx 1500 to 2000 rpm.

    Bike is running great, justs shows incorrect revs and the max rev indicator keeps flicking on and off.

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    Have you tried resetting the Max Rev limit with the "C" panel button?

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