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Thread: HELP: Ape runs then stops

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    HELP: Ape runs then stops

    <i>I searched but did not find a thread so if you know the thread I need to read please insert link. Thanks </l>

    Bike fires up and runs like normal, but once it gets up to operating temp (low 203-205) about 10 miles into a ride it sputters out, back fires and dies. Not sure the cause or what direction to look.

    Bike in question:
    '02 Mille R with 10,xxx miles

    Relevant electrical modifications:
    + NGK DCPR9E Spark Plugs 2500 miles old
    + Battery: Shorai Lithium500-800 miles old
    + Regulator: Shindengen MOSFET style FH012A probably 1000 miles old
    + Starter Solenoid: Yamaha part # 4KD-81940-00-00 1500 miles old
    + Stator by ElectroSport #ESG922 replacement for AP0295830 50 miles old

    I just replaced the stator because I had a seeping stator cover gasket and figured now was as good as time as any to nip that in the bud as well. Not sure if I'm having an electrical issue but that was the current change to the bike so....

    No other mechanical modifications have been made recently. Bike does have a chip, exhaust, &amp; slipper clutch but that stuff has been on since I got it so no change. Bike does seem to run rich (I'm in California near sea level and bike was last tuned in Austin TX).
    <b>Any help or direction would be much appreciated!</b>

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    additional information:
    Static voltage cold battery is 13.1
    Running at idol 13.2
    Running at 2000rpm 13.3
    Trying to start with fuel unplugged (under a load) it dips to 10.5-10.8 BTW: In doing this test I noticed this plug (one going to fuel tank/pump) was already warm from the above test.

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