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Thread: Integrated tail light gremlins

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    Integrated tail light gremlins

    Hello all, I'm new to the well as a proud, new to me, owner of a 2000 mille. No...I have not stopped giggling uncontrollably since I threw my leg over her Sunday night, and rode home.

    It came with integrated tail lights, but the indicators due not indicate...yes the front work properly...

    These have the standard red lenses, and regular dual filament bulbs...the control box has "evoluzione cyclesports" on the label, with "85020" as what looks like the part #.

    I was wondering if anyone here might have some sort of idea, or input on the situation? Thank you in advance.

    (pics are below...hopefully, this being my first post)

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    welcome along

    you may be better asking on AF1 forum..more usa based so more likely someone has the same set up to help

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    I am new to the group as well, I just picked up a 2000 aprillia rsv1000. First Italian bike but been riding r1s forever. My question is does anyone have pics matures of me wiring diagram for tail lights. I have power to my lights but that's it, no brake, no turn signals.anyone have experience or pictures or even links to sites would help out a lot, thank you.

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    Have you checked the bulbs ?

    It's either that or perhaps a fuse ? Or even a broken wire ! The connecter under the tail is 3 prongs for the circuit....the owners manual has drawings, and is available online....

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