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Thread: 51 plate speedo Issue

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    51 plate speedo Issue

    First off all Hi guys

    secondly I have recently run my battery down on my 51plate mille to the point where all the clocks reset themselves back to KMH and the Rev limiter went back to its factory setting of 6000. This is where the problem start as now my speedo will register speeds upto 100mph but as soon as you reach this speed( which is never lol) the speedo will rest itself back to zero and stop working.


    Ps. If i stop and have a cigarette break the speedo will start working again weird I know!!!

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    Very if it wasn't doing it before, might be worth disconnecting battery again or pulling fuse for clocks fuse c I think same as fans, see if a reset again works.

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    I just bought a mille and my works to about 30 mph then goes to 0 then if I slow back Down it works again

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    New sender unit Needed if its playing up.....reads the speed off the rear disc bolts .....also that's not a rev limiter but a shift light

    You can reset back to mph easily

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