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Thread: Newbie with a starting issue

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    Newbie with a starting issue

    Hello, everyone! After what I thought was thorough research and extensive shopping, I bought an RSV Mille R that fit in my budget that was in excellent condition. The other day when I went out for lunch, I rode it from home to a local burger joint (3 miles) with no issues. Go inside, eat, come back out 30 min later, and she wont start properly. The pump primes, engine turns freely (and quickly), it would start for a moment, idle up with no throttle, then die a few seconds later. This behavior repeats itself even with the fast idle fully engaged. One thing to note; the fuel pump does make a god awful noise when it dies. I noticed a few days before that EFI flashed on the screen for a moment, but that was a one time occurrence. When I was outside troubleshooting it a few minutes ago, I heard a rather loud tak tak tak when cranking initially, but goes away after it "starts"; almost like there's no fuel in one of the cylinders. Kickstand switch was bypassed, and the tilt sensor appears to be good. Help?

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    Hey there, I'm new here to and welcome, have you tried plugging the two diagnostics wires together and seeing if there is a fault code up on her, might be worth having a look at the pump and fuel filter if you don't want to remove it you could disconnect hose from throttle bodies and put it into a fuel container, turn on ignition and as she primes you should get a good fuel flow through, bit crude but works as a quick check does it have immobiliser or power commander, usual things with these are also bad kill switch and corrosion on the generator wires big clear connector beside cylinders and brown one on rectifier

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