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Thread: Dodgy dealer!

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    Dodgy dealer!

    Hi All

    After having an issue with my tank paint job cracking up-ethanol related I believe (images attached)-and then having it resprayed, I decided it was about time to get some decals bought to restore it to its former...erm...glory.

    Long story short-I ordered the tank decals from in Italy WITHOUT reading any reviews far ive been waiting about a month for them to arrive, have emailed the dude about 5 times (Giovanni), who seems to keep fobbing me off by telling me hes gonna ship em in "next few days", so ive just asked for a refund if they arent dispatched within 48hrs.

    So after reading some terrible reviews on peoples experiences with this company, can somebody please put a smile on my face and tell me its not a dodgy company and have had good dealings with them, and that ill get my shit delivered eventually!

    Oh and the new paint job is showing signs of a albeit very small crack starting to appear....again
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    Its rubbish this ethanol in the fuel and feel for you, these bikes now should only be run on the expensive stuff, never dealt with these lot before but from holidaying in Italy a few times then there's not a lot happens there during the month of July, its Italian holiday season and the place virtually shuts down, wouldn't worry to much they will turn up.

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    Thanks for that Quinny mate, ive took the refund option and they have actually replied saying that theres a refund on its way with the refund statement-I said I aint sending any photo images of my card as thats what posters in other forums said is usually their next request! In response 'Vanessa' said not to believe what "bullshits people write on the internet"-brought a smile to my face lol!

    Anyway, can I just ask what people with knackered/cracked tanks on their RSV's due to ethanol etc actually do?Do they just put up with it or can you source an alternative tank that doesnt suffer with this issue? There seems to be a million RSV's for sale online and none of them seem to have any ethanol related cracks in their tanks-so does this just mean ive got a one off?Any advice greatly greatly appreciated on this as its doing my nut in


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