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Thread: Non starting Haga Rep - EFI warning diagnosis.

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    Non starting Haga Rep - EFI warning diagnosis.

    Morning all. Seeking a little help.

    Recently bought a 2002 Haga rep and after getting it through MOT without difficulty suffering starting issues.

    Rode it to gas up but after filling up bike not keen to fire, but did so after a few attempts. After getting it home not starting at all and showing EFI warning. Battery is fine, plugs all ok.

    Is there any way of diagnosing problem without needing a specialist diagnostic tool?

    Read a thread that suggested installation of the long oil filter can cause hot start issues and that the shorter filter with by pass valve could be the solution, but not sure if this is correct and having no idea what filter is in the engine, I don't want to for out on unnecessary oil change. Does anyone know if this is the likely problem?


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    I was told it was air intake temp sensor! If that makes sense?

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