Hi all,

I could do with some advice for my princess which has tried to throw me a few times by cutting out at the most inappropriate moments.

I have recently bought my second RSVR, so I'm well versed with the dramas they go through. This one developed a nack of cutting out just at the wrong time, within a week of owning her and was immediately sent back under warranty for a new stator which initially seemed to do the job.

I rode her from St Hellens to Salisbury a week after her return from the garage. She cut twice on the M6, so I rewarded her with a thrashing all the way down the M5 and home. She was fine until just after Malborough when I pulled out to overtake and she totally shut down, impressively back fired, started up again, then ran awfully all the way back to the house.

The dash diagnostic displays EFI, 0. As she did before she went in for her stator.

The kill switch is fine, the side stand switch is fine, the ridiculously placed immobiliser box is fine. She's stored inside and has no signs of corrosion.

I'll be stripping her down later today to examine the fuel lines and filter. Feel free to add comment or suggestions that might help my cause.

Thanks in advance.

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