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Thread: Sprag Clutch issues

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    Question Sprag Clutch issues

    Hi All,

    After having bought back my old bike after 9 years .... (yeps, the same VIN), it's in need of some TLC ....

    She started ... not good, and the big 'Clunk' sound during the attempts, after some research determined to be the Sprag Clutch, Battery, Starter Relay

    Have disasambled the left side of the bike, and found a rather 'loosy' sprag clutch, and (IMHO) a worn gear and housing.

    Seen the experience I have with sprag clutches, (being null), please your opinion.


    Should I replace all 3 (gear, clutch and housing), or would only the clutch suffice?



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    I would say so. The inner race of both parts look scored. You can just changed the spray bearings but will likely fail prematurely. Was there a lot of swarf metal in the oil?

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    No, the oil was old though... didn't really find a any debris while cleaning up the various parts.

    Will replace the whole bunch then....

    I've read that upgrading the starer solenoid to a 150A version (instead of the default 50A) will also decrease sprag clutch wear, anybody any experience with this?

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