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Thread: my rsv has a engine noise

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    my rsv has a engine noise

    My 2004 rsv1000 started making a noise in the motor afeter the dealer serviced it the noise started it has a clicking sound on idle and as revs goes up it make a kinda vibrateing sound when hot its extremely loud but i gave no loss in power what could this be pls help pls pls help the motor was extremely quite before the service so im at a loss and at wits end i will apriciate any help

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    Give Manhattan motorcycles in Sheffield a ring, they are brilliant with any bike and loads better than some so called 'experts' and a lot cheaper too!!!

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    When you say your Dealer serviced the bike was that including checking the valve clearance's ? if so when they reinstated the rear balancer shaft have they installed it on the incorrect timing position that would make sence with the vibrating but im not sure about the clicking at low revs
    You most properly would not lose any performance but lots of vibration.

    hope that helps

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