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Thread: Quick fix for Side stand issue

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    Lightbulb Quick fix for Side stand issue

    I bought a 2003 Mille in January and almost pooped myself when I put it on its stand, I thought it was going to continue leaning til it fell over. Thankfully it didn't but it was very precarious. I looked on here and apparently it's a common problem with the standard side stand.
    I played about with different ideas, as a quick search on eBay had revealed no CBr1000rr side stand still available, there were only about three ta around 90!
    After scratching my head and getting a few splinters I stuck a screw between the stopper at the top of the stand. This brought the stand back a little and had the effect of standing the bike a little more upright without being so much that the stand may rock back up. Ideal! But I needed something permenant.
    I had a few millimetres welded to the top of the stand where it meets the stopper of the stand clamp. It's certainly improved it a lot!
    It's still stiff though and not great for getting it up and down with my boot, but it's certainly a quick fix. Gave it a respray too. Just the job. And only cost me a four pack for my local welder as it took him about 30 seconds to do.

    Photos below.

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    Clever idea

    I was toying with welding a second foot onto the bottom

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