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Thread: Sat in a garage for 18 months

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    Sat in a garage for 18 months

    So my 01 mille r has been sat in a garage for 18 months due to various reasons. I can't see any fluid leaks or weeping seals and the brakes aren't binding so that's a start. I've got a new ytx-14 gel battery and will be changing the oil and filter as par for the course.

    Before I MOT it, anyone got a ticklist for what I need to check so that it's roadworthy?

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    Check the wheel bearings, you need to remove the wheels and check for notchy Ness.
    Brakes fresh brake fluid and clean pistons to assure everything working, new pads if worn.
    Same with hydraulic clutch.
    Check chain for stuck links , best to remove and fully clean , relubricate and refit if not worn, same with sprockets.
    Tyres, modern tyres go off very quickly , the rsv is very bad with part worn tyres, is there flat spots...
    Fuel filter , when was it changed ?
    Rebuild rear suspension linkages and re grease , they are always seized !
    Headstock bearings check for notchy Ness, re grease or replace.
    rear shock loses its gas , service rebuild and gas.
    Front forks fresh oil.
    That should do until something goes wrong !

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    It's nothing to do with roadworthyness, but she has been sat in a garage for quite a while so caress her with a micro fibre cloth and whisper things to her, she will love you back

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