I managed to get out for a ride on my Mille today, the first dry weekend since I bought it.
First impressions
The rear shock is hard, I knew it would be and I am picking up a Maxton unit soon (this week I hope)
The front forks are very harsh, maybe worse because I only weigh 75Kg, slight bumps feel like my palms are being pummelled, potholes and ruts are painful
The weight on my hands felt uncomfortable round town, not helped by the front forks
The torque and acceleration are addictive
I am getting some vibration during braking, through the bars not the lever, so I am thinking headraces
The forks are awful.
I could hear a rattle from the left of the fairing - loose zeus fastener (my bad)
I had a slight oil drip from the fairing - oil tank breather hose not connected to the tank (my bad)
The sound!!! The standard silencer sounds great (after restrictor/baffle removal) as does the booming from the (closed but de-restricted) airbox as the engine sucks in great lungfuls of air.
When I pick my rear damper up I will drop my fork legs off at Maxton for re-valving and more suitable springs