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Thread: Evo Slave Cylinder Seals

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    Evo Slave Cylinder Seals

    Originally posted on Aprilia Forum:

    My '00 Mille is leaking fluid from the Evo clutch slave cylinder.

    1. Where can I find Evo slave cylinders and parts? Is there a website? I've searched and searched but clearly I am doing something wrong.
    2. Do I need an Evo specific seal if I'm going to replace seals, or will this OEM seal be compatible?

    I contacted AF1 Racing and received the following reply from Ed Cook:

    Unfortunately not, Evoluzione went out of business many, many years ago. We are out of spare parts for them.

    I have not heard that the Oberon seals will fit. If you can find enough people that say yes, here they are. I donít have any old Evo slave cylinders to test fit.
    AF1 Racing : Aprilia Parts and Accessories: Oberon Replacement Clutch Slave Piston w/Seals -
    I'm hoping to find someone who can point me to a replacement seal so I can spend $ instead of $$$. I hate to replace the whole part when all that failed was a simple ring of rubber!

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    Take the seal out. The seal should have numbers on it. If not just the size of the parts at a decent seal wholesalers, they will just be standard hydraulic parts....

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