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Thread: Hello! and i need some advice please :)

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    Hello! and i need some advice please :)


    i am new to the world of the RSV Mille having picked up a cat C one from an insurance auction.
    It is a lovely silver and ornage color which i havent seen before. The ad said the forks were just
    bent, but having replaced them it is obvious the frame is a little bent as teh front wheel still touches
    the lower fairing
    i need to remove everything except the engine, swingarm and wheels to take it to a frame straightening specialist.
    this is going ok except i cant see ho to remove the left side switch gear - there is a screw from below but no space to get
    small screwdriver in there as the tank is in the way - do i need to take the tank off 1st?

    Thanks, any advice appreciated

    Andy ink

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    hi, I would remove the tank anyway. ive not done what you are attempting but as the tank is so easily damaged ,I would want it off and safe.its an easy thing to do takes only 5 mins

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