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Thread: falling into bend

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    falling into bend

    Hello all. I haven't had any luck after quite a while on Google so I thought I'd ask you.

    Once last year and twice during the last couple of rides I have been going round a large roundabout or hairpin bend on my RSVR with a fair bit of lean on but not masses and have-when I've added a little more lean- the sudden sensation that the bike was about to fall off the edge of the tyres which caused me to pick it up again quickly.
    The weather and road surface have been good, the suspension is conservatively set (e.g. 3 rings visible on the front forks), speed was fair (40mph or so on the roundabout, the other time it was about the same speed going round the hairpin at Brands Hatch). Tyres are in good nick, correct pressures (36/32) and are Michelin Pilot power 2CTs. It's disconcerting and baffling. The tyre edges, front and rear are lightly feathered from three trackways last year so I am familiar with and not concerned by leaning. I'd be grateful for your thoughts, especially if any of you have experienced this too. Cheers. Andrew

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    Don't be too quick to discount the tyres. I'm leaning (heh) towards saying its them. Could be you've knackered them on a trackday, over-heated the carcasses pehaps. I have the same tyres, but the ones i had on there previously were my brothers ex-track tyres and they were dogshite in the corners.

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    I regret to say I've had a couple of scary moments with Michelin tyres...which seem to grip right up to the moment when they decide to let go.

    The worst was on a Ducati 750 F1, with rock-hard forks. A horrible combination because the forks felt like they were pushing the front tyre away at maximum lean and the tyre just seemed to suddenly give up.

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