Hello again. I have just taken my 1st Gen Mille for a shakedown run. I have just drained the oil and cleaned the engine as I suspected the bike had been overfilled prior to my delivery of it in March.

After refilling and checking the levels I took it for a run and then after a night left alone I took the fairings off and had a look. All clear on the cases and apparently no oil leaking..result.

However the weep hole to the coolant pump looks to be a bit wet, unfortunately I didnít see if it was oil or coolant. It was meticulously clean before. If it is the whole water pump seal shebang itís a bit of a nightmare but Iíll Roll up my sleeves again.

My question is however.....

Is it a different process depending on whether itís oil or coolant escaping? Does it have to be mechanical seal/shaft etc..and clutch cover off for either fluid?

Many thanks