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Thread: Aprilia RSV mille gen 1 1999 fuel leakage from vent hose

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    Aprilia RSV mille gen 1 1999 fuel leakage from vent hose

    Hi, this is my first post on this forum and sadly the it has to be for an issue.
    I just bought a black/silver Mille 1999 as fancied fancied a change from the inline 4 hum of my cbr600 and the ape seemed to be a good choice, especially given the low prices here. I bought the bike privately without seeing from a Yorkshireman and had it delivered.I was aware of the usual RSV vtwin niggles/issues but I am handy with a wrench and thought how bad could it be, I'd just fix whatever goes wrong. But I never expected I'd have to call the AA on my very first ride on the ape!
    Within half a mile into the ride, in the glorious spring sunshine, the bike started leaking, err gushing out of one of the hoses which drain from the tank to the right near the exhaust link pipe. It was so bad I was horned by the car behind and had to stop immediately. Think it almost emptied the entire tank.

    The AA guy's, almost mocking, 'why an Aprilia mate?' still rankles in my ear!

    Anyways, I have done some research and think lot of RSV owners have faced this. This thread below seems to be the exact same issue and funnily the guy also had it the first day he had the bike lol!

    Fuel leak and tank removal

    I am going to order the in tank hoses and clamps etc, but just want to be sure exactly which parts are tehse and how much I need? Just need some pointers before I start tearing the bike apart.
    Am I going to replace the part# 8 in the dia below(sorry can't insert an image somehow)

    Thanks in advance guys!

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    19 year old bike has reliability problems shocker....

    Buy the rebuild kit from aprilia performance. Fowlers are not the greatest for parts from aprilia. AP are excellent with correct advice rather than the "computer says no" you will get from fowlers. ..

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