Good evening all, not been for a while, came off my bike in approximately 2015 and never bothered much with bikes for a while. Then I got myself a little Triumph Street Triple to ease myself back in which was OK, but after a recent trip to the Isle of Man TT and getting overtaken on the mountain section as if I was stood still by the bigger bikes I decided to get another Aprilia, which I did a couple of weeks ago

Anyway, I thought Iíd bought a minter until i filled up on the way to work the 1st time on the bike, and when I got to work my crotch area was covered in fuel. So when I got home I lifted the petrol cap and noticed a bolt was missing so replaced it and voila, no wet crotch, but the next time I lifted the petrol cap, whooosh, tank was pressurised.

Did some more investigation and noticed breather pipe had been blocked purposely by a small piece of rod, I removed this and petrol came gushing out.

I know about the pipes eroding inside the tanks as I have had 4 Apriliaís in the past so thought no problem Iíll just renew internal pipes , wrong.

The tank is full carbon fibre and the leak in the pipe is at the bottom of the tank, (blew up from the bottom of the breather and could see bubbles where the pipe has hole in ); took the tank off removed the fuel filter and there is a mass of resin surrounding the area where the leak is.

I would upload photo but havenít a clue how to.

Anyway, itís not something I want to tackle, Dont mind trying anything but I would rather let someone else sort this who knows what they are doing, donít want to damage the tank as I know they cost a kings ransom to buy.

Could anybody point me in the right direction for repair.

Massive apologies for such a long winded post, and being out of touch for a while, feel a bit selfish as there is not a lot of knowledge if any that I can pass on to others and I know there is a wealth of knowledge and very helpful people on here, itís great to be back, and many thanks in anticipation for any info.