have a gen 1 .
so far:
handlebar conversion
clutch jet mod (improves getting neutral )
headlight mod (all beams come on high beam switch)
oberon slave clutch cylinder
16/44 gearing - now working out new set up
gen2 throttle bodies
race can and connector pipe
single seat (rear footrests gone)
levers-screen-braided hoses all round
and finally
single sided swing arm off rst futura


now work in progress as now have to make an exhaust to fit .
speedo issue to resolve ( speedohealz say they can do)
set up of right dogbones.
set up of right gearing


replace clutch/bearings - very noisy !
check/replace timing guides/chain/tensioners
maybe if cash allows get the heads gas flowed or tuned by BSD Peterborough.
wheels powdercoated /fairing sprayed.

anything I missed lol

all by next summer.

I will take pictures but cant seem to post them so I'll make youtube link as I go (hopefully)
any help would be good.