Hi everyone,

I few years ago I bought a pair of short (small) carbon swingarm protectors for my RSVR 2002 off a guy selling them on ebay. These were custom made for me as they were not full length and not the normal short ones that you can currently get on Ebay. Sods law is that I have damaged the ones I bought with a lowside at Cadwell and so I am after buying another one. Thing is - I cant remember who I got the originals from. Is there anyone out there who might know where I can get one made to my requirements? Basically I need the one that fits on the offside (behind the exhaust) and it needs to be about 2 to 3” longer than the normal “short” swingarm protector. I can send pics that compare a standard “short” protector with what is left of my old “mid-sized” protector if that helps anyone.