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Thread: Alternative side stand switch

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    Alternative side stand switch


    I have searched through the various threads about the iffy side stand switch on the mk1 RSV. Most posts say to by-pass the faulty units and take the risk that you might ride off with the stand down. I dont fancy taking that risk but also dont fancy paying 60+ for an Aprilia spare part which is on dubious quality. From internet pics the Honda blackbird (1997) side stand switch looks to be the same unit and even appears to have the same connector block. It also looks to be more robust than the Aprilia item so I wondered if anyone had tried fitting one of these to the RSV?

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    Why do you even need a switch ?

    pissed/ drugged/ trumpbrain ? modern people are regressing into pondlife.
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    It's not the switches that are iffy, it's the stands

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