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Thread: 2002 RSVR Decals

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    2002 RSVR Decals

    My 02 RSVR is looking very plain at the moment, when I bought it the previous user had removed all of the decals.

    What I am after is a set of decals that would suit my RSVR without it looking too much.

    Any ideas or images of blue RSVR's all stickered up would be great, already made contact with Image Works and they say they can make whatever I choose.

    PS. Is anyone able to identify or guess what exhaust I have fitted, it has no name on it?

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    Think I have hunted down what make the exhaust is, anyone heard of these before?


    Sounds awesome, weighs next to nothing and only costs 145.
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    Just blank pages tonym

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    You have to copy and paste the link directly in to Explorer or Mozilla, they work then.

    Cheers Tonym, looking forward to seeing some piccies of yours soon.

    Blue ones are faster you know!!!!

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