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Thread: wanted 98-00 rear seat mille

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    wanted 98-00 rear seat mille

    wifie is on me back to bring her out on the mille,have the bike 6 months now so ive gotten away with it long enough,
    so has any one got a rear seat off rsv mille 98-00 i could buy off them
    tanx derek

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    Evil Twin rschris's Avatar
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    hi derek there is a couple on ebay fairly cheap..

    i payed 60 for rear sets and seat off a member on here so good luck in your search, i will keep an eye out

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    i know this has ended but might be worth askin em if they got any more mate ..|39:1|240:1318
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    I got one thats tatty on top, and has been repaired underneath, but is perfectly useable, yours for a tenner plus p&p if you want it, just let me know.


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    rear seat 1999 ?

    I need a seat too, do you still have yours? or anyone else know of any others? I will check spares unlimited tomorrow.

    I'm new here, Just bought a 99 mille, just had a spin todat and love it already. . . . paul

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