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Thread: 2000 rsv upgrade...

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    2000 rsv upgrade...

    hi mates... i'm again with ideas for my rsv. it is a normal version and i want to make it R and my doubt is if the complete ohlins radial suspension from a 2009 rsv will fit mine,most of all the yokes,and then the 2009 wheels,the front one will fit for sure,now will the rear wheel fit the swingarm and the break disk too? any help would be great.... thanks

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    First of all, is it worth it? I bet you can get a factory for that kind of money.

    Rims dont make that much of a diference(well they make none you or I will notice )

    Suspension upgrades are great, rear shock is a recomended upgrade, also the steering damper is great, the stock one sux. Forks make a little bit of a diference, but if you arent gonna race the bike its not worth it, on the street you wont notice.

    Dont know hows with that radial forks to normal. Im wondering to

    Rear shock from the newer rsv wont fit, you need a 98-00 shock or 01-03 shock with the triangle thingy. Wheels will fit, the front will need spacer if you are gonna use not radial forks.Rear will fit no problem. Steering damper also fits from the newer rsv.

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