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Thread: crash pads aprilia

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    crash pads aprilia

    Did someone buy these original crash pads?
    So yes, where?
    Can you buy them online?

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    Try these...

    Look pretty good on as well..

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    if you go through R&G you could use my account, if that helps should save you a bit of cash.

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    crash pads

    Thanks for the information .I live in Belgium and the original crash protectors will cost 260 .
    I saw already those R&G, not bad but I think the originals are better.
    I don't now if its true but it's a feeling.
    There no big difference in price (in the UK) I saw the originals on Internet UK ,, I send them a mail asking shipping price to Belgium.
    I hope it works. If someone now another shop(shipping outside UK) tell me.

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