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Thread: rsv4 fairing removal.(any tips)

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    rsv4 fairing removal.(any tips)

    hi just wondered if anyone has any tips about removing the fairing on my new rsv4,is there a knack to it? any help would be great as i'm new to italian bikes. thanks.

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    Some say it's a straightforward job, others that it takes a bit of time.

    Personally, it took me about 2 hrs of steady work to strip it right down but i was taking a photographic record of each fixings so i would know how it went back together.
    It is not difficult if approached in a logical fashion.
    Get some food boxes with a sealable lid so that you can put fixings off the seat unit in one, fairing fixings in another and so on and mark them.
    The front comes off easy leaving behind the ram air trumpets. If you are fitting Cruciata race kit, it is a push fit back on.

    Best advice - take it steady, take pics if necessary, and mark everything unless you are putting it back on immediately as it is easy to forget what goes where.

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