Short intro:
my name is Henrik and from Denmark, been racing 250ccm 2stroke from '84 to '89 and trackdays the last 5 years (first 6 month on NC30, then 4 years on R7, 6 month on R6 and now the RSV4Factory).
Standard engine, TTX, Bazzaz, QS, Austin exhaust, BST wheels, 5 hours on the Dyno mapping.

This weekend we went to Mugello, Italy.
The weather is normally good in this time of year - 21 degree and sunny.
Been there 3 times before, and really enjoy the track.

Now it was time to try the RSV4.
First practice went very well, but when I came into the pit I discovered some oil on the outside of the engine.
It has been leaking a small amount, but this time it was worse.
So I keept an eye on the oil-level, and topped up when needed.
During the weekend I used 70 liters of fuel and almost 2 liters of oil.
This bike will never rust, and I will never have to oil my boots anymore :-)

It looks like the most oil was leaking from the rear cylinders/heads.
Saturday morning I removed the rear valve cover, cleaned it nicely, and packed it with Würth PD300 liquid gasket.
Actually this did not help, but it was all I was able to do at the time.
Maybe I used too little amount, and can do a better job at the garage.

Is any liquid packing better to use ?
This seems quite nice (excessive product inside will dissolve in the oil) but expensive.

The rear of the engine is really wet and the oil is dripping on the exhaust pipes and make some smoke when I arrive at the pits.

I assume my best shot is the rear valve cover, right ?
Any other places to look for ?

Back to Mugello - first race I ended 7. and second race I won.

Video-clip from the first day - sun is low, so it's quite challenging for the camera.
Allways amazed how much the fork is working...
Codec is DivX (VLC player preferred)