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Thread: RSV4 Bar End Mirror

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    RSV4 Bar End Mirror

    Hi All

    Anyone out there know where I can get a Bar End Mirror (Silver or Black), about 75mm Dia to fit neatly into the standard Aprilia RSV4 bars. I have removed my std mirrors with indicators, (using my front side/parking lights fitted with Amber Bulbs as indicators), looks neat, but I do need at least a RH Mirror for road use.

    All the mirrors on the market don't appear to suit the internal female thread arrangment of the Aprilia bars. I want the mirror to look OK as well, as it's going onto my Aprilia RSV4Factory SE APRC. Cheers.

    Oh I tried a Rear View camera with Colour Monitor on my last RSV4R from 4K but it struggled with light differences in the summer months, apart from that looked great and worked well.

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    As I had no replies I had to rethink my own problem and I have resloved it, how?

    Well I purchased a set of the Aprilia Race Bar ends you know the ones with the little RSV4 plastic plug in the ends. Then I took one of my original Standard Bar Ends (with the hole in the end), bored out the hole ever so slightly to take the small diameter of my Bar End mirror and then on the underside of the original bar end, I drilled and tapped it to take the securing Grub Screw for the mirror. The whole job was quite straight forward and now I have a neat looking small bar end mirror. Job done.

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    Have you got a picture of your setup? I'm really struggling with the std mirrors, and I thought those on my RC8 were bad!


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    I've done this conversion. I blanked off the mirrors, put the indicators in other side lights and used an Oberon mirror on the end.

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