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Thread: GP2 Exhaust Launch ar Excel show

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    GP2 Exhaust Launch ar Excel show

    We are launching the new GP2 slip-on and full systems at the Excel show for the Factory the R and the APRC.
    Cash only price on the day will be 595 (Order on day, after show 595 + vat).
    Power increase of around 5bhp with slip-on and 10bhp with AR22 GP2 full system and PCV or Bazzaz.
    DB levels:
    Valve shut:
    98db with 35mm insert
    101 with no inserts

    Valve fully open:
    102/103 with 35mm insert
    104/105 with no inserts

    The GP2 will pass all UK track day noise tests, static or fly by.

    Can be taken up to 108db's if that is what you want.
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