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Thread: Wheels Help

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    Wheels Help

    Guys I have oportunity to buy 16,5" wheels with discs but they was on modified swingarm so rear spindle is 28mm and front is 25mm. Assuming RSV4 spindles are smaller.
    Is there any mode or way I can fit standard spindles to these wheels?
    Maybe fit smaller bearings?

    Thanks for help.

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    Im sure the front rsv4 and rsv spindles are 25mm mate, so you are ok with the front, as for the 28mm rear not sure what size it is,but if its smaller then just look into getting new wheel bearings for the 16.5" wheels to match your rear spindle dia or look itno fitting an alloy sleeve/tube around rear spindle to bring it upto 28mm,assuming it is smaller then 28mm.

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