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Thread: riders4research track day @ Snetterton Thursday 18th August

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    riders4research track day @ Snetterton Thursday 18th August

    All profits raised from this event go to Cancer Research UK.

    Brief reason why! 6 years ago at the age of 24 I was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer to my neck & nose. Had to endure a tough course of chemotherapy & radiotherapy which made me rather ill at the time & was a bit close to the dark side for my liking. As the consultant said, we have a problem & need to act fast, itís all or nothing Iím afraid. At the time, getting out of bed was a struggle let alone the thought of throwing my leg over a bike again. Anyway 6 years later Iím still here, got a wonderful family behind me & am riding bikes again.

    The hardest part for me over the last 6 years apart fighting this disease myself, was losing my mum on 30th November last year at the age of 56 after a 7 year battle with breast cancer. She was the bravest person I knew, unless you knew youíd of never have guessed she was ill & she fought till the bitter end. Iíd like to think she, along with my dad made me the man I am today.

    Iíve been running riders4research events raising money for Cancer Research UK in the on & off-road world for the last few years, but for obvious reasons this yearís event means a little more to me. Itís something I organise by myself in my spare time for fun. Donít make a penny out of it, itís just my way of thanking & giving a little something back to those that helped me & tried to help my mum. Itís not going to change the world or find a cure for this awful disease but hopefully the money we raise can then go on to help others now & in the future.

    Ok guys, so here it is:

    With the help & support of Easy Track, we are holding a track day at the new Snetterton 300 circuit in Norfolk on Thursday 18th August 2011. There will be 3 levels catered for, novice, intermediate & advanced. Dependant on the level of riders booked, will determine whether there are 2 or 3 groups run in total on the day. It will only cost £115 per person & space is limited for the event.

    I have a 6 week window to promote this on various Aprilia forums only. If space fills up, great, if not I will have to open up & start promoting elsewhere. It doesnít matter whether youíre old or young, thin or fat, straight or gay etc... Easy Track cater for the absolute novice right up to the seasoned pro so if itís your first or 100th track day, itís all about having fun in a safe environment ultimately raising money for a great cause. Although being promoted on Aprilia only forums to start, the event is open to any rider on any make bike in road or track trim. So spread the word to your friends & tell everyone you know. If looking to pop your track day cherry, donít say Ďitís not for meí until youíve tried one & this is the ideal opportunity to do so.

    Easy Track have set up an exclusive booking page for this event, which cannot be found on the standard website, so to book your space simply visit

    N.B The booking page currently shows the cost at £135. This is being amended to £115 later today so hold fire on booking until it does.

    For those that may have a way to travel & the distance is putting a downer on things, Iím intending to head up Wednesday night to make a couple of days of it staying at a cheap travel lodge / premier inn styled hotel somewhere. If anyone fancies joining me for a bite to eat & a few beers your more than welcome.

    T-shirts to support the riders4research event will be available at £10 each. I am just waiting for the design proof so watch this space. If there are any riders that canít actually make the day itself but would like to contribute to the cause, donations can be made via PayPal as a gift using

    For those looking for information on Easy Track or the new Snetterton 300 circuit, a bit of feedback here:

    Thanks in advance for all your support, Robbo

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    Bumpty bump!

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    Right. I've seen numerous posts about track day this & thinking about doing that. I will push this event until the 11th hour & will nag the fook out of you guys until the day is full. I've told Easy Track on numerous occasions how great the Ape family is, so you can imagine my surprise when they told me only 6 riders have booked in so far. Understand it may not be for everyone but whether your thinking of doing your first track day or are a BSB standard rider, the one thing I can guarantee is a good fun day had by all for a great cause, Cancer Research UK.

    I don't want to really have to open up to all & sundry as the Ape life is where my heart is but I got 90 places to fill & on my head be it. If the track hire cost is not covered, I'm funding it. I don't make a penny out of this & is something I do in my spare time for the cause. I'm not going to get on my knees & beg (if I have to, I will, lol), so if you're thinking of booking in, just do it. Spread the word, the more the merrier, Ape rider, road trim bike or not. This event will only work with the support from you guys, the riders.

    It may not be the cheapest track day or the most convenient of venues but the new Snetterton 300 circuit is meant to be the bees knees with bend after bend on sweet tarmac. I'm planning to head up Wednesday night to make a few days of it, so don't matter where you're based in the country, surely that's a good enough reason to come join me for a jar or two?

    Cheers to those that have booked & those that are going to, Robbo

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