Just wondering if the spec of the soon to be 'standard' RSV4R APRC is basically the same as the limited edition SE model?
Basically that had a price tag of 17k whereas the R APRC seems to be around the 14k mark. I appreciate that it won't come with the Ohlins forks and shock and the nice paint sheme but will the engine be the same spec?
I have been reading the bhp figures for the SE and effectively that motor appears to be a blueprinted version (with a few tweaks) of the old standard R's. Will this be what the 14k ish R APRC comes with?
cheers david

I have just bought the std R and am already looking at upgrading to the APRC version as most of my miles will be on track and the traction control etc would be a welcome safety 'boost' for an average intermediate rider.