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Thread: any bad points for the rsv4 ????

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    Just to put my 2 cents in... but unless you can consistently run the bike in the speeds it was designed to be run at (above 100kph), the heat gets to be somewhat overwhelming. Its enough to fry your bullocks if you're stuck in traffic!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BobC View Post
    Fuel economy is not an issue for me but I read somewhere else that loading an APRC map onto an RSV4 Factory improved the mpg. I have no other details and don't know if it's safe to do. Has anyone heard about this?

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    This is my story
    See also: Rattly top end and do search fuel economy

    Think twice before spend your money. Today the bike is still at the dealer no spare parts yet.
    I think there is a great problem in Italy but I don't now what?? I heart that some are waiting already for months on a TuonoV4. I don't understand it. No mail or any contact between aprilia and me. Nobody will talk to me . I tried several possibility's e-mail phone. No answer even the dealer do not now what happens.
    It's a disaster.

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    I'm afraid this is the same as my story, i just got rid of mine in the end.

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    Anyone that is having starting problems can now have updates programmed into the ECU from their Aprilia dealer, there is also a download to give better fuel economy. Aprilia has just released new patch downloads to the agents.
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    a friend of mine had an engine stop during a track day on new rsv4 tuono with around 10000km on clock. it appeared to be faulty memory in the ECU...

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